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How to purchase our plants

All plants are supplied in bare-rooted form (i.e., unpotted and free from soil media).

There are 2 ways to purchase our products:


- Online through our mail order service
- Through garden centres or nurseries or by delivery


- Refer to Wholesale/Trade page for more information.


- Including universities, research centres and botanic gardens. Please email the list of plants and quantities to sales@watergardenparadise.com.au for stock confirmation. Discounts may apply to certain species.

PLEASE NOTE: We are a mail order nursery only and our plant propagation farm is not set up for public visitations or plant pickups. Potted stock can be delivered via courier service.

Retail purchase through online mail order service

For mail order service:
1) Use the handy Online Cart system which generates your customised order form as you browse through items online. Print out the generated order form and send it along with your payment to us. This process is very simple and you could add, remove and amend the quantity of items anytime you like. It calculates postage rate for you when you select your location. When you would like to finalise your order, just click on the button Check Out and follow the instructions from there on.

Add To Cart - By default, clicking this button will only add 1 in quantity of the selected item into your cart, so if you would like to purchase more than 1 in quantity, just change the quantity on the order form when you proceed to Check Out and click on the "RECALCULATE" button to amend the quantity. To remove an item, just enter "0" overwriting the existing quantity number and then click on the "RECALCULATE" button, this will remove the item from your cart.

Check Cart - By clicking this button, you would be able to see how many items you currently have in your cart. To continue/return to shopping, just click on the button "CONTINUE SHOPPING".

Check Cart - By clicking this button, you will proceed to your order form to finalise your order.

After we've received your payment, your order would usually arrive within 14 days. If there is any stock shortage, we will either refund you the balance or substitute the item(s) ordered if you have advised us to do so on your order. Also, you will be notified if the amount in payment for your order is incorrect.

2) Follow the steps below if you would like to complete your order at a later time.

Step 1:
Print out the Order Form (Adobe Acrobat format). Microsoft Word version of order form available upon request. Browse through the website and write down the items you would like to purchase. Then fill in your shipping details. If you are planning to order large quantities of the same plant, please email us at sales@watergardenparadise.com.au to confirm availability.

If you do not have a copy of Adobe Reader, please use the following link to download a copy:

Adobe Acrobat Reader download

Step 2:
Send in your order form, remember to add Postage & Packing to your total (see Condition of Sales section below). Payment are to be made by Cheque (takes an additional 5 working days for your order to be processed) or Money Order made payable to "Watergarden Paradise". Send to P.O. Box 7039, Bass Hill, NSW 2197. After your payment has been processed, your order will be scheduled for the next available dispatch date.

Unfortunately, to keep the prices low and transaction secure for our customers, we DO NOT accept credit cards, but ONLY CHEQUE (Australian), MONEY ORDER (Australian) and DIRECT DEPOSIT into Bank Account as payment for orders. PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT accept payments via Paypal.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE ***: During peak gardening periods from spring to autumn, orders may take up to 2 or 3 weeks to process. We need some time to select, prepare and pack the plants to ensure that they arrive in good shape. All orders will receive an email notification once the parcel has been dispatched.

Local Pickup at Bass Hill Collection Point - local pick-up service is only limited to certain timeslots. Pickup service is FREE for orders $150 or more only. Pickup order is by arrangement only and MUST be placed and paid for at least a week in advance. (PLEASE NOTE: No plants will be available for last minute purcahses at collection point.)

Postage/Freight and Packing Costs (Per order):




SA - $25.85 (EXPRESS POST)





CUSTOMER PRIVACY POLICY: We may retain customer information for the purpose of tracking orders, enquiries and complaints. However, we DO NOT sell, trade or provide any customer information to any third party except when required, we may disclose customer information to law enforcement agencies, courts and various other government bodies.

CONDITION OF SALES: All plants are sold in good condition and to our knowledge are clearly labelled to their true descriptions. Should any shortage of plants occur, we reserve the right to substitute the nearest available variety unless orders are clearly marked "DO NOT SUBSTITUTE". Plant varieties and prices are subject to change without notice. (NOTE: Imported plants will cost a little more due to the high cost of quarantine fees and treatments in process of the plants been imported into Australia). This on-line catalogue does not contain the complete list of all the plants that we stock but only part of them. Only some rare plants are listed. We do not sell cheap bad quality plants but rather healthy plants at reasonable prices. We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who carries out abusive/intimidating/aggressive behaviour towards any of our staff members.

NOTE: Since we DO NOT have any control over:

1) different climate/weather conditions
2) any improper planting practices
3) how quickly Australia Post delivers the parcels

we therefore CANNOT replace any plants lost due to these reasons. You can lodge the claim directly with Australia Post upon collecting your parcel if the plants arrived damaged or dead. Refer to webpage Australia Post Compensation for more information.

Payment of orders are to be made by Cheque (if in Australia) (Please Note: Cheques will take an extra 5 working days to be processed before the order will be dispatched), Money Order (if in Australia) and telegraphic transfers (if overseas) made payable to "Watergarden Paradise".

NOTE: Any change of mind ORDER CANCELLATION after payment submitted will be subject to a $5.00 administration fee (per order submitted) to refund payment. However, credit note can be issued for the full amount.

To maintain competitive prices on our plants and internet security, we do not accept any credit card payments. Orders can be taken at any time of the year but goods will only be despatched during the following times:

Hardy Waterlilies:  Any time of the year. (During winter, only dormant rhizomes are supplied)

Small/Miniature Hardy Waterlilies:  November to April (a few exceptions)

Tropical Waterlilies:  December to March

Sacred Lotus Plants:  August to late October

Other Plants:  Any time of the year.

**********  IMPORTANT  **********

Upon the arrival of your plants, if you do not plant them immediately please leave them in a bucket/container of pond water. Then place the bucket/container in a sunny area (during Autumn & Winter) and part shade area (during Spring & Summer). For planting in larger ponds or dams, the plants should be planted in pots for the first Summer season, then release into the bottom of the pond/dam during the second or third Summer season.

During the first planting season, some waterlilies may produce lighter coloured flowers. This happens usually for deeper coloured cultivars/varieties. It means that the plant is still in the state of establishing its growth under a new environment. The colour will resume in the next few blooms or even the next growing season if it requires longer time to establish.

Retail purchase through garden centres or nurseries or by delivery

If you are within Sydney metropolitan area, some garden centres or nurseries will be able to order in specific plants (from this website) for you as part of their regular shipment. Otherwise, we could arrange delivery for you directly from our plant farm. A delivery charge would be applicable. Please call or email us for quote.